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Rea's Collection
NAME: Rea (Fallen Identity)
COUNTRY: United States
DESCRIPTION: This is picture of a small portion of Rea's, (aka Fallen Identity) collection, taken back in 2010.

She has been collecting since 1997, when she first found out about and fell in love with the Girls, and has over 1,000 items in her collection (which also includes solo material items). Some of her favorite pieces she owns are the 5 Spice Girl Viva Forever Fairy Singles, and the Walkers Crisp promo box (don't ask her why, she just loves that thing. ;P). She is also still on the lookout for SG Pepsi glasses, so if you're looking to sell, feel free to contact her! ;P.

Adam's Collection
NAME: Adam Weatherly
COUNTRY: N/A - Adam let me know! :)
COLLECTING SINCE: N/A - Adam let me know! :)
DESCRIPTION: These pictures showcase Adam's amazing collection of dolls..

Adam has a HUGE doll collection including various editions of each doll - and multiple copies! I'm sure you'll be amazed at his collection! I was!

Sam's Collection
NAME: Sam Stefani
COLLECTING SINCE: N/A - Sam let me know! :)
DESCRIPTION: These pictures showcase Sam's HUGE collection of memorabilia.

Sam, 29, has an amazing collection which you'll see via the photos. He also has a website that you can visit called My Spice Life in which he showcases his collection one piece at at time. You'll be astounded by Sam's collection, so check it out! You can check out more pics HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE.


Pictures Only

Cynthia's Collection

Cynthia from Mexico's collection of CDs & memorabillia.

Jenny's CD Collection

Jenny from Columbia's collection of CDs.

Velizar's Poster Collection

Velizar from Bulgaria's collection of posters.

James's CD collection

James from Canada's CD collection.

Candy Girl Geri's Poster collection

Candy Girl Geri's collection of posters.

Sarah's Collection

Sarah from Australia's collection of memorabilia.


My Collection

My Books

My book collection includes the official books Girls! Power (Fifth edition), Real Life: Real Spice, Spiceworld: The Official Book Of The Movie (hardcover & softcover), the 5 official mini books, Forever Spice (Softcover & Fan Club Edition), If Only (Australian Edition), Learning To Fly (Hardcover), Catch A Fire (Hardcover and paperback), Just For The Record (Paperback), That Extra Half An Inch (Hardcover) and Ugenia Lavender & Ugenia Lavender & The Terrible Tiger paperbacks. I also have a range of unofficial books including "And Then There Were Five", "Spice Power", "Posh & Becks", "Victoria by Sean Smith", "Geri's Secrets", "Victoria & David: An Invitation to A Wedding), Victoria & David Beckham (OK), Spice Girls OK Special, and much more.

My Cassettes

My cassette collection includes UK editions of Spice, Spiceworld, Wannabe, Say You'll Be There (2 different editions with slightly different back covers), 2 Become 1, Spice Up Your Life, Too Much, Stop, Schizophonic, Look At Me, Mi Chico Latino, It's Raining Men, Out Of Your Mind, Northern Star, Reason, When You're Gone, Northern Star (Single), Never Be The Same Again, I Turn To You & I Want You Back. I also have Australian editions of Too Much & Goodbye, US edition of Stop & Taiwanese editions of Spice, Forever & Schizophonic.

My CDs

My CD collection includes Australian editions of Spice, Spiceworld, Forever, Greatest Hits, Greatest Hits CD & DVD, Wannabe, Say You'll Be There, 2 Become, Mama / Who Do You Think You Are, Who Do You Think You Are / Mama, Spice Up Your Life, Too Much, Viva Forever (Group + the 4 retail Viva Fairies), Goodbye (2 different editions), Holler / Let Love Lead The Way, Let Love Lead The Way / Holler, Headlines, It's Only Rock & Roll, Schizophonic, Scream If You Wanna Go Faster, Passion, Look At Me, Mi Chico Latino, Lift Me Up, It's Raining Men, Scream If You Wanna Go Faster (Single), Desire, Victoria Beckham, Out Of Your Mind, Not Such An Innocent Girl, A Girl Like Me, Free Me, What I Am, What Took You So Long, Take My Breath Away, Maybe, Northern Star, Reason, When You're Gone, Goin' Down, Northern Star (Single), Nevver Be The Same Again, I Turn You, If That Were Me, On The Horizon, Better Alone, First Day Of My Life, Hot, I Want You Back, Word Up & Tell Me. I also have most of the UK releases, a few US releases, as well as a few European & Asian releases.

I have Step To Me, promos of Forever, Too Much (US), If You Wanna Have Some Fun, Calling, Ride It, Desire, Victoria Beckham, Not Such An Innocent Girl, A Girl Like Me, What Took You So Long, Take My Breath Away, We're Not Gonna Sleep Tonight, Reason, Here It Comes Again, Hot, Hot Interview Disc, Tell Me & Feel So Good. I also have a copy of "What Took You So Long" live on The Panel that was sent to me by EMI Australia. It was meant to be included as an extra track on the Australian release of "We're Not Gonna Sleep Tonight" (which was later cancelled)

My Dolls

My doll collection includes the "Girl Power' Geri, Victoria, Emma & Melanie B dolls, the "On Tour" Geri, Victoria & Emma dolls, the "On Stage" Victoria, Melanie C & Melanie B dolls, the "Spice It Up" Victoria, Melanie C & Melanie B dolls (set 1), 3 Melanie B 6" dolls, 1 Melanie C 6" doll and the Victoria, Melanie C & Melanie B beanie babie dolls.


My official DVD collection includes Spice Girls Live In Istanbul, Spiceworld: The Movie (Australian Edition & Australian 10th Anniversary Edition), Spice Girls Live At Wembly, Forever More, Geri Yoga, Geri Body Yoga, The Real Beckhams, Melanie C : Live Hits, Telling Lies (Melanie B) & Totally Fit.

My unofficial DVD collection includes homemade version of Spice Girls Live In Istanbul, Arnhem, Milan, Lyon, Madrid, Paris, Stockholm, Barcelona, Rome, Earls Court, Madison Square Garden (ROTSG), Spice Girls in American: A Tour Story, Spice Girls: Giving You Everything, Being Victoria Beckham, The Beckham's World Cup Parties, Victoria Beckham: Coming To America, Melanie B: 7 Days On The Breadline, Strictly Come Dancing (Emma), Dancing With The Stars (Melanie B) (US)

I am also in the process of sorting and editing my recorded and downloaded Spice Girls footage to create DVDs of all of the girls appearances.

My Folders

My folder collection includes an arch lever folder for each year (1996 & 1997 are combined) and they are pretty much full to capacity (especially 1998 - 2001 & 2007) with articles a posters from all over the world including Australia (the bulk of my collection as I have easy access to them!), UK, USA, Germany, Canada, Poland and many more. Higlights include many articles & posters from Australian TV Hits, Smash Hits, Big Hit magazines, TOTP Magazine, Big Magazine, CD:UK magazine, Live & Kicking magazine, Teen Beat magazine, Q Magazine, OK & Hello magazines.

My Magazines & Scrapbooks

My Magazine collection includes Issues 1 - 5 & 7 of "Spice" the official Magazine, Issues 1 - 7 of Insider Spice, various issues of Hot Shots, Spice Girls Every Month (around 14 issues), as well as many other Spice Girls only magazines. I also have issues of OK & Hello magazine of the Beckham wedding (all 3 issues), introductions of Bluebell, Angel, Tate & Madison as well as various special issues of OK & Hello with "At Home" or exclusive interviews and shoots. I also have many issues of Elle Magazine (UK, US and Australian), Q Magazine, Vogue, Sky Magazine, Rolling Stone, The Face, Loaded, Harpers Bazaar and loads more.

My scrapbook collection is in the process of being converted from the old scrapbooks to a new system of display books (all organized by year in 6 month sections (January - June & July - December) It's a work in progress and will post a picture when I'm done :)

My Videos

My official video collection includes the Australian releases of One Hour Of Girl Power, Live In Istanbul, Spiceworld: The Movie (2 different versions), Spice Girls Live At Wembly, Spice Girls In America: A Tour Story, Geri Yoga & Geri Body Yoga. I also have the US releases of Live In Istanbul & Spiceworld: The Movie. I also have a copy of Melanie B's "Hot" generic interview VHS sent to me by EMI Australia.

My unofficial video collection includes Spice Power, Girl Power: An Unorthorised Biography, Spice Girls: The British Invasion (a UK copy & a US copy), and Spice Exposed.

I also have the Spice / One Hour Of Girl Power Australian double pack.

My Recorded & Traded Videos

My recorded and traded videos collection includes 82 VHS. I have footage from all over the world including Australia, UK, US, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, France, Korea, Belgium, Canada and Italy.

Highlights of my footage include performances at the Brit Awards,Top Of The Pops, CD:UK, The National Lottery, The Pepsi Chart, Live & Kicking, Billboard Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards, Letterman, Leno, Oprah, Wetten Dass, and more. I also have interviews on Parkinson, Letterman, The View, Ellen and loads more. To list all my footage here is impossible, and I'm still in the process of sorting all of my footage.

My Merchandise: Food & Containers

My Food merchandise includes 4 50g Walkers Crisps Wrappers (no Emma), 10 Cadbury Wrappers, Chupa Chups Tin, 24 Push Pops, Pop Talker, Bubble Gum wrappers, Crazy Dip wrappers, Fantasy Ball Wrappers (6 Peach Flavoure) and more. I also have the unofficial Bubble Gum Babes bubble gum Milk Cartons.

My Containers collection included a large lunchbox, flask and Spice Force Five drink bottle.

My Merchandise: Cosmetics & Party Items

My Cosmetics collection includes Impulse Spice (2 sizes), Impulse Spice Shower Gel, Intimately Beckham Her (30ml), Intimately Beckham Her Gift Set, Intimately Beckham Night Her (30ml), Beckham Signature Her (50ml), Beckham Signature Story Her (50ml), Intimately Yours Her (50ml), Intimately Yours Her (75ml), & Intimately Yours Her Body Spray.

My Party Items inlude the 8 setting pack (with blow outs), loot bags and invitations as well as the ASDA Christmas pack.

My Merchandise: Puzzles & Diaries

My Puzzles collections contains the 500 Piece "Spice Watch" puzzle, the 500 Piece "Mama / Chair" Puzzle and the 100 Piece "Wind Swept" puzzle.

My Diaries and notebooks collection includes 2 lock up diaries (Close Up & Spice Force Five) small spiral notebook, scrapbook, autograph book, hard cover notebook, organizer, electronic organizer and more.

My Merchandise: Stationery

My stationery collection includes small stationery set, large stationery set, small Spice Force Five pencil case, 3 pack of erasers, mousemat, small writing set, 3 metal pencil tins, pens, felt tips and more.

My Merchandise: Stickers, Tattoos and more.

My Sticker collection includes unofficial sticker sets (6 packs), Spiceworld: The Movie Official Sticker Book, Official Photos Series 1 & 2, The Fab Five Sticker collection (missing 1 sticker), Fantasy Ball stickers (all 24), Bubble Gum stickers (all 24) and more. I also have a few packs of unofficial tattoos.

Also pictured are my bags (Spice Force Five napsack and black back pack) wallets (2 official 1 White and 1 magenta) and 1 unofficial) and a pair of official pyjama shorts.

Not pictures items include: My tshirts (about 8), tour programs (Spiceworld European & Christmas In Spiceworld) and more. I will update this section with new photos soon.


Have you got a Spice Girls / Solo Collection? You can show it off here by sending in photos to melissa@vivaspice.net with your name, your country and a little description of your collection. It will then be posted here for the other collectors to see.

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