~ About The Gallery ~

I have been working on dating the girls appearances and photos for about 6 or 7 years so I've got pretty good at it :) My gallery differs from others in that all of my pictures are sorted and organized by year and month - making it easy to navigate - I also take pride in dating my photos (although thanks to the agencies, some may be incorrect - but I do do my best to make sure all dates are accurate by trying to find multiple sources etc). The Viva Spice! Gallery sources pictures from a variety of sources from agencies to forums to other fan sites (with a credit of course).

The Sections Explained

In the picture diary section of the gallery you will find pictures in MQ & HQ quality dating back to the Tank Girl Audition which Geri & Victoria both attended. You will find paparazzi photos, candid shots from the girls official books and photo albums, pictures of the girls at events, photoshoots and much more. We also do include pictures of the girls children as I personally love to see how the girls kids change and grow and find that as long as the pictures are not inappropriate (the kids upset etc) then I will post them in the gallery.

Finally, the "Before Spice" section of the gallery will contain photos of the girls before they were famous - from their childhoods right up to their audition for the Spice Girls.

The Images Explained

In the gallery we will have LQ, MQ, and HQ pictures.

LQ means low quality - this means a very small image, unclear image or quite frankly not a good quality image.
MQ means medium quality - this means a medium size image, fairly clear image, or a pretty good quality image.
HQ means high quality - this means a large size image, clear image, or good quality image.

All our images in the gallery are in the JPG format - this means if we source an image that is in other formats [gif, png, bmp], they will be converted to jpg before they are added to the galley.

We do feature tagged images from agencies, as sometimes, this is the only way that we can even get those images. I try not to feature tagged images from other Spice Girls fan sites, but will if they are particularly rare, or I can't obtain them myself.

Finally, all images from a set - whether they are LQ, MQ, HQ, tagged or untagged, will all feature in the same album.

Where The Pictures Come From

The images in the gallery are sourced from a wide variety of sources including agencies like Rex, Getty, Alamy and Associated Press, we also get HQ pictures from various forums, visit the DenDen "Let's Share Our Spice Girls Pictures" post, and of course other fan sites like Zig-A-Zig Ha and Spice Girls.Net. I also tend to get out my scanner [which I just brought recently!] and scan any images that will fit into an album I'm working on, or any images that don't seem to be online.

The Gallery Rules

I DO NOT tag my photos. I believe that big ugly tags ruin the pictures - and then what's the point of even posting them? Of course if a picture I've sourced is already tagged (ie. from an agency or other fan site) then I can't doo much about it - I will do my best to locate an untagged version though. While I am much more relaxed when it comes to other people using photos from Viva Spice! then I am about our videos (which I do tag at the beginning and end - NOT over the video), I still do ask that if you use scans or photos from our gallery, to just give us a shout out - credit or even just say thanks to VivaSpice! It really does mean a lot to me when I see a proper credit on my videos or other work, so PLEASE honour my wishes.

Got some rare pictures? Better quality pictures? Email them to us @ melissa@vivaspice.net