~ Gallery Credits & Dates ~

On this page I will be logging all of the credits and date sources for the albums in the gallery.

Gallery Credits & Thank Yous

Name / Site What Message
ZigAZig Ah / Lah Pictures & Dates Thank you for being the ultimate gallery for Spice fans and for all your hard work.
Meghan Scire Pictures & Dates Thank you for helping me source the pictures - sending them to me and also being a co-webmaster on my various gallery sections.
Photo Agencies [Various] Pictures & Dates Although they might not always be totally accurate - especially when it comes to dates of older pictures - they really do help me source pictures and provide dates (after a little bit of research for verification lol) Even the agencies where you can't save the pictures from help with identifying and dating pictures
Official Books & Magazines Pictures & Dates A lot of the girls official publications have candid photos of the girls - and, epecially One Hour Of Girl Power and the first issue of "Spice: The Official Magazine" have the dates of most of the candid pictures written next to them.
Unnofficial Books & Mags Pictures & Dates Some of the unofficial books written about the girls - especially "Spiced Up - My Mad Year With The Spice Girls" by Muff Fitzgerald - really help in dating photos - Muffs book in particular goes into a lot of detail about where the girls went and when during the time he was working with them. Magazines also are a helpful source of dates
Magazine Articles Dates, Pictures & Photographers Magazines articles often have the photographers information printed as well as a vague date or place. I have a MASSIVE collection of articles from all over the world and many of them also include specific dates - or at least vague refrences where I can deduce the date from.
Google Dates & Research When all else fails and I can't find a date of a picture, a little bit of research on Google usually helps to date or place a picture of the girls.

Gallery Date Sources

Album Source Info
Geri & Victoria - Tank Girl Audition If Only & Learning To Fly Both Geri & Victoria mention it was a week or two before the "Touch" audition on March 27, 1994
Victoria, Melanie C & Melanie B - Touch Audition Various Sources & Books A lot of books have mentioned the date of the first "Touch" audition as March 27, 1994. The actual print ad also states the date of the original audition as March 27, 1994.
Spice Girls "Touch" Showcase If Only In Early November the girls did a showcase for producers (as seen in "Raw Spice") and Geri mentions in "If Only" it was in early November.

Think any of our dates are incorrect? Let me know why @ melissa@vivaspice.net