Spotting Fake DVDs

Whether it's that rare release of "Spiceworld: The Movie" or Melanie C's rare concert DVDs [Hard Rock Cafe, The Sea Live] this is a guide to help you avoid purchasing counterfiet DVDs and, in turn, getting ripped of. Like CDs, fake / counterfeit DVDs are VERY prevalant in Asian countries like Taiwain, Indonesia & China, but again, avoiding these regions doesn't guarantee you of purchasing a genuine copy. Read on for more hints and tips to help you avoid purchasing fake homemade DVDs.


Look on reputable sites to see if you can find that edition on them. Also research things like casing, special features, aspect ratio, region etc that are listed as being on that particular edition, as well as any artwork scans [disc and cover artwork]. This will all help you to confirm it's genuine.


Once again, it's a good idea to have a good look at the photos provided in the listing. Have a really good look and see if you can spot any discrepancies or inferior printing. When looking at photos make sure to check the colour of the disc. Most genuine factory pressed DVDs are silver. Check that things like rating classification, region code, special features and aspect ratio all match up to the legit release.


If you brought the DVD or can look at it before purchase, hold the disc up to the light and tilt it to one side. A counterfeit DVD, which is burnable/writable will have a manufacturers name like Sony or Maxwell printed on the inner ring of the disc. A clear indicator of a fake DVD. A genuine DVD should have information printed on the inner ring - some may even have the catelogue number printed there.


If you've purchased the DVD or have access to it before purchase, insert it into your DVD drive. You can go to "My Computer" and explore the files burnt on the disc. Check the creation dates [for example, my original Spiceworld: The Movie DVD has files that were created in November 1998]. These can help you determine if the DVD is genuine. If, for example, your "Real Beckhams" DVD was created after 2004, it's probably not genuine. You can also check for things like copy protection as well while the disc is in your computer. You can also download things like NeroInfoTool to check things like whether the disc is single layer or dual layer [single layer usually indicates a counterfiet] region locking [region free can indicate counterfiet - although some of the girls releases do have this feature - especially the DVD singles] and the total size of the DVD [anything over 4.5GB is a good indicator of a genuine DVD]


Genuine DVD casing will be good quality. The plastic cover will be thick and smooth while counterfiet covers will have thin, crinkly plastic.


Loads of fans [Masterpiece especially] custom make DVDs for themselves and share them online. Some even create the disc and cover artwork and share those as well. This is a great service that other fans provide and is very welcome. However, there are some fans who take advantage of the hard work of others and use people's files to create DVDs to sell for profit. [Spice Girls Delivery is one of these] Please avoid these at all costs. It really isn't worth paying for a fan made DVD at all. Sites like this one provide all of the footage for free - and those fans who do it for the love of the girls and to share with fans don't sell their work when it's finished. Also, once all my footage is sorted and edited, I will be creating my own DVDs and sharing ALL of them for FREE.


Melanie C released 2 live DVDs 'Melanie C - Live At The Hard Rock Cafe" and "The Sea Live" through her website store and, as they weren't available for general release, are fairly rare and do get fairly high bids - upto $150 for some! When purchasing these DVDs make sure to follow our tips and proceed with caution.

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