Spotting Fake Merchandise

There is loads of unofficial merchandise out there that features the Spice Girls. We even have a section on this site dedicate to it. If, however, you aren't interested in purchasing unofficial merchandise for your collection, here are some tips to help you avoid them.


Unofficial merchandise is usually pretty easy to determine due to the fact that unofficial products usually have "Unofficial" written on them or on the packaging - and they also usually have "Spice Power", "Spicey Power", or "Girl Power" text as they technically couldn't use "Spice Girls" - although they could use photos of the girls. And most unofficial merchandise doesn't - and can't - use the "Spice", "Spiceworld" or other official merchandise logos.


If there are decent photos of the item in the listing, you should be able to look closely and try to determine the quality of the item. Unofficial items tend to have logos and photos that aren't as good as the official merchandise. Some even use pictures taken by the paparatzi at events etc. When it comes to clothing - look at the stitching and quality of the material - official clothing merchandise is made with good quality materials and has good quality stitching.


There are loads of One Of A Kind [OOAK] dolls out there produced by fans - especially Geri editions for sets she wasn't included in - and, while they are and have been amazing, if you only want official merchandise, Geri dolls were only available in the Girl Power, On Tour, Concert Collection & first Spice It Up 12" Doll sets. There were no Geri dolls released in the 6" and 3" doll sets.


The girls autographs are often the most faked thing on eBay / sales sites. If you see something that is autographed by the girls, take the time to study the photograph of the item and compare it to known copies of the girls autographs [there are many know copies of the girls autographs on their official merchandise including their books, dolls and official photos - compare them!]. Don't just assume it's genuine. Do your research otherwise you could end up with something you paid a fair bit of money for that was signed by some unscrupulous dealer and not the girls themselves.


Sales Awards are a great piece to add to your collections, there are however a lot of unofficial sales plaques floating around the internet, and again, if you're only interested in collecting official merchandise, you need to avoid these. Official sales awards will always have plaques that indicate who the award is presented to, what for (sales numbers) and where (country) but the most important thing on a sales plaque is that it will ALWAYS have the record label on the award somewhere - with the girls it's usually Virgin or EMI.


Every so often the girls may donate items of theirs for a charity auction. From costumes to items from their own personal warddrobe fans can have the opportunity to get their hands on an item that the girls actually owned. When bidding on these types of auctions, as long as the girls promote it themselves, it's usually pretty safe. Still, always check the auction is for a reputable charity. If it's a private auction, ALWAYS check for a certificate of authenticity - and if you have a keen eye and good memory you will be able to confirm costume authenticity. Always research and double check photos etc to ensure the item you are buying is genuine.

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