A look at Geri's TV Appearances before she joined the Spice Girls.

Before joining the Spice Girls, Geri was pursuing a career in the entertainment industry including TV & Movies. Her roles included a game show hostess in Turkey, a short film called "Foggy Notion" and more. Click the picture on the left to check out footage of Geri before she was famous.

1996 - 1998 - GERI
A look at Geri's 1996 - 1998 TV Appearances.

Between 1996 & 1998 as part of the Spice Girls, Geri did some individual interviews and appearances including The Wannabe EPK, The Big Breakfast, Girls Talk! and more. After leaving the group in May 1998, Geri did some interviews on BBC Breakfast, Larry King Live & 10 Most Fascinating People with Barbara Walters. She also did several appearances including her UN Press Conference, Breast Cancer Awareness, her Sotherby's Auction of her "Ginger" costumes as well as hosting and performing "Happy Birthday" at "A Royal Celebration" - Prince Charles 50th Birthday celebrations. She also presented at the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards. Click the picture on the left to check out Geri's 1996 - 1998 TV Appearances section.

1999 - GERI
A look at Geri's 1999 TV Appearances.

In 1999 after appearing on Parkinson, Geri kicked off her solo career with a world wind 8 day promo tour where she visited Brazil, the US [TRL], Canada [Intimate & Interactive], Australia [The Drum], Italy & Spain. She then promoted her single "Look At Me" and album "Schizophonic" with performances in The UK [Top Of The Pops], Italy [Festivalbar], France [Hit Machine], US [Letterman, Rosie O'Donnell] and more. After performing at "Party In The Park" she continued her promotion with more performances including Australia [Hey Hey It's Saturday], Germany [Wetten Dass], Spain [Musica Si], Denmark [Absolut Fredag] and loads more. Click the picture on the left to check out Geri's 1999 TV Appearances section.

2000 - GERI
A look at Geri's 2000 TV Appearances.

In 2000, with promotion of her album "Schizophonic" winding down, Geri promoted the final single "Bag It Up" with performances on Festivalbar [in Italy], Red Alert, CD:UK, Live & Kicking, This Morning and more with the highlight being her killer performance at the Brit Awards. She also continued her UN Work attending conferences in New York, performed in Italy at Rome's "World Pride" event, did a mini-concert in Ibiza for MTV as well as hosting her documentary "Geri's World Walkabout" Click the picture on the left to check out Geri's 2000 TV Appearances section.

2001 - GERI
A look at Geri's 2001 TV Appearances.

2001 began with Geri presenting at the Brit Awards, attending a few red carpet events [Bridget Jone's Diary, Princes Trust Gala Dinner] and ending up in court for speeding! She then began promotion on her second album "Scream If You Wanna Go Faster" and it's singles. Geri did promotion in the UK [Top Of The Pops, CD:UK, The National Lottery, Blue Peter, Children In Need, The Saturday Show], France [Hit Machine], Italy [Festivalbar], Germany [Big Brother], Denmark, Australia [Rove [Live]], Netherlands, Spain [Musica Si, Club Disney] and loads more. She also hosted a fashion event in Canada, performed for the troops in Oman. Click the picture on the left to check out Geri's 2001 TV Appearances section.

2002 - 2003 - GERI
A look at Geri's 2002 - 2003 TV Appearances.

In 2002, Geri completed promotion on SIYWGF with appearances in France [NRJ Awards, C'est Show, Tubes De Toujours], Italy [Carramba Che Sorpresa] & Russia. She attended the BAFTAs event in LA, unveiled her Wax Work, promoted her book "Just For The Record" and was a judge on ITV's Popstars: The Rivals which she promoted with appearances on This Morning, Frank Skinner and more. 2003 saw Geri head stateside and was once again a judge on CBS's "All American Girl" which she promoted with apperances on The View, David Letterman, Conan O'Brian, Good Morning America, E! News, Jimmy Kimmel and loads more. Click the picture on the left to check out Geri's 2002 - 2003 TV Appearances section.

2004 - 2005 - GERI
A look at Geri's 2004 - 2005 TV Appearances.

In 2004 Geri co-hosted "Party In The Park" with Duncan James. Then, after a 2 year break from music, Geri returned with her single "Ride It" which she promoted on Jonathan Ross, CD:UK, Top Of The Pops Saturday, Ant & Dec, This Morning, Ministry of Mayhem & more. She also hosted a Breast Cancer Care charity event "Tickled Pink". In 2005, Geri released her single "Desire" and third album "Passion" and promoted it on shows such as TRL, Popworld, Heaven & Earth Show and more. Her documentary "There's Something About Geri" also aired. International promotion included The AFL Footy Show [Australia] & TV Total [Germany] Click the picture on the left to check out Geri's 2004 - 2005 TV Appearances section.

2006 - 2008 - GERI
A look at Geri's 2006 - 2008 TV Appearances.

In 2006 Geri had her daughter Bluebell [which resulted in news reports], and paid a visit to Zambia as part of her UN work which she spoke about in an interview on "Breakfast". In 2007, busy with the Spice Girls reunion, Geri attended Live Earth and spoke about the girls upcoming single on This Morning. 2008 saw Geri release her book series "Ugenia Lavender" which she promoted on Blue Peter, Loose Women, Toonattick, Richard & Judy, Paul O'Grady and more. She also appeared on The One Show, The "F" Word and hosted "The Friday Night Project". Click the picture on the left to check out Geri's 2006 - 2008 TV Appearances section.

2009 - 2012 - GERI
A look at Geri's 2009 - 2012 TV Appearances.

2009 saw Geri continue promotion of "Ugenia Lavender" and appear on The One Show, This Morning and more. She also visited Nepal and spoke about it in an interview on Sky News. In 2010, Geri did an extensive interview with Piers Morgan on "Life Stories", took part in Fashion Relief For Haiti" walking the catwalk, and was a guest judge on "The X-Factor UK" In 2011 Geri launched her "Geri By Next" collection and did interviews on Daybreak and more. 2012 saw Geri return to the X-Factor UK as a guest judge, launch her Union Jack Collection, work with Children In Need & her rumoured romance with Russell Brand made some news reports. Click the picture on the left to check out Geri's 2009 - 2012 TV Appearances section.

2013 - 2016 - GERI
A look at Geri's 2013 - 2015 TV Appearances.

2013 saw Geri head Down Under to be a judge on Australia's Got Talent which she promoted with interviews on "A Current Affair", "Today", "Mornings" and more. While in Australia Geri released her first single in 12 years - Half Of Me which she performed on The Footy Show. 2014 saw Geri attend Poppy Delvigne's wedding - and become engaged herself as well as attend various F1 events with her fiance Christian. 2015 saw Geri marry Christian Horner - which fellow Spice Girl Emma attended. Click the picture on the left to check out Geri's 2013 - 2015 TV Appearances section.


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