Along with purchasing VHS, we also offer to convert your recorded or traded VHS tapes to DVD or digital files. We are more than happy to help fans archive their collections for no cost to them [other than postage to us] in exchange for keeping copies of any footage we don't have & sharing it on our site and social media pages. If you have VHS tapes that you want converted all you have to do is contact us to discuss details and then send us your tapes! We will then convert your tapes to DVD or digital files and send you the discs or files. [If you want the VHS back you can have them too!]


There are only a few conditions of this service:

1. We can only convert PAL & NTSC VHS personally, but we can get Seacam & PAL-M tapes converted via other fans we have if we need to.
2. We WILL share any footage we don't have on our site and social media pages
3. The owner of the tapes pays postage to us and we'll pay return postage [either DVD or DVD & VHS]


If you don't want your videos converted but are happy to send them to us to copy, we'd really appreciate it! We are happy to pay postage of the tapes both ways if we need to! We promise all care will be taken with your tapes!

So, let's get as much footage of the girls as possible online for all of the Spice Girls community to share!

Got some VHS tapes for us? Email us @ melissa@vivaspice.net