In our quest to get us much Spice Girls footage available in decent quality to as many fans as we can, we offer the following services - all free of charge. We will share any footage we don't have on this site and our social media sites unless there is a request not to do so.


The purpose of these services is to try to get and make available to everyone (for free!) as much Spice Girls footage as possible. After multiple tries at asking people to share their footage and getting little to no response, I decided that I was going to take action and offer to pay for those VHS sitting around in fans cupboards collecting dust. The staff here, (with a little help from our social media followers) will pay a fair price for any recorded or traded VHS that fans have lying around. That means if you were a massive fan and recorded everything you could and now the tapes are just collecting dust - well you can make some money from them instead of just binning them!


If you have any Spice Girls VHS tapes that you recorded or traded lying around then take them out of that cupboard, dust them off and check out what footage you have on those tapes. Once you have done that, send us a list of what you have on your tapes and we'll begin the negotiation of prices.

The pricing structure varies due to what footage is on the tapes, but I will pay from between $5.00 AU - $20.00 AU per tape. The more footage you have that we need, need in full or need in better quality the more money you are likely to get for your tapes. We are definately negotiable on price - so please don't hesitate to contact us to begin the discussions regarding your tapes.


To protect myself there are some rules that must be followed in order for any sale to go through. If you are not able to comply with these rules for any reason, before becoming disheartened, contact me first to see if we can still work something out.

Rule #1: Payments must be recieved through PayPal to protect both parties
Rule #2: You must submit some kind of evidence to prove that your tapes exist. Photos are best with proof of date.
Rule #3: Just so we know, if there are any issues with footage quality, tape quality etc, disclose it BEFORE purchase.
Rule #4: You must accept that we will be sharing any purchased videos on this site and our social media pages.
Rule #5: The rules can be added to or modified at anytime!


We are also interested in your recorded or traded DVD or digital Spice Girls footage so if you have any footage you think we might be interested in don't hesitate to contact us. We will NOT pay for digital files, we may however pay for any recorded or traded DVD footage.

In regards to digital files, we will consider all file submissions but are most interested in good quality VHS, DVD or Digital rips of around 720 x 576 pxls & higher.

Got some VHS tapes for us? Email us @ melissa@vivaspice.net