1994 - 1995 - SPICE GIRLS
A look at the Spice Girls 1994 - 1995 TV Appearances.

Between 1994 - 1995, the Spice Girls were preparing for their assult on the music industry and through some home videos and a few other bits & peices - we caught a climpse of them before the were famous. From the Tank Girl audition that Victoria & Geri both attended to the home videos the girls released on "One Hour Of Girl Power". Click the picture on the left to check out footage of the girls before they were famous.

A look at the Spice Girls 1996 TV Appearances.

In 1996, as the Spice Girls began their career, they started of appearing on UK shows such as Top Of The Pops, Live & Kicking, Wow, The Noise, The National Lottery, Des O'Connor, GMTV & This Morning, before taking the rest of Europe by storm with appearances on Japanese, French, German, Hong Kong, Thai, Swedish, Spanish, Danish, Italian, Norwegian & Belgian TV. Highlights of 1996 appearances include Wannabe, Say You'll Be There & 2 Become 1 performances in the UK, performing Wannabe & Say You'll Be There in France, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Spain & more as well as hosting the Top Of The Pops Christmas Special. Click the picture on the left to check out the Spice Girls 1996 TV Appearances section.

A look at the Spice Girls 1997 TV Appearances.

In 1997, the girls went truly gobal. Starting off 1997 with a tour of the US & Canada, their UK promotion included the release of Mama/WDYTYA. They did a performance for Aussie show "Hey Hey It's Saturday", before contiuning their assualt on the US with performances on SNL, David Letterman, Regis & Kathie Lee & Rosie O'Donnell. The girls also performed in France, Germany, Italy, Belgium and Spain to promote "Spiceworld" They also visited Korea, South Africa, Mexico, Bali, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia & Brazil. In December they attended premieres for Spiceworld: The Movie in the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium & The Netherlands. The highlight of the girls 1997 appearances has to be performing at the Brit Awards. Interview highlights include "Monday Night Clive", "The Big Breakfast", "60 Minutes Australia", "Click the picture on the left to check out the Spice Girls 1997 TV Appearances section.

A look at the Spice Girls 1998 TV Appearances.

In 1998, the girls started of the year attending the Australian premiere of Spiceworld: The Movie, before heading to the US to attend premieres in New York, Los Angeles & Chicago - and to appear on Letterman & Oprah! After performing at the Brit Awards 1998, the girls went on tour. Doing press interviews in countries including Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden & Finland before Geri left the group in May. Geri quiting was a HUGE news story and appeared on nearly every news broadcast globablly. After perfoming the last show of the European tour in Oslo, the girls headed to Italy to perform with Pavatotti. They then embarked on their massive 40 date US tour. The did press in the US & Canada - including performances on Letterman, Leno & also Intimate & Interactive in Canada. After finishing of their tour, Emma & Melanie C attended the MTV EMA's where the girls won 2 awards. They then closed out the year promoting their single "Goodbye" with performances on "The Pepsi Chart", "Live & Kicking", The National Lottery, "Children In Need", "Des O'Connor" and of course "Top Of The Pops". Click the picture on the left to check out the Spice Girls 1998 TV Appearances section.

A look at the Spice Girls 1999 TV Appearances.

1999 was a fairly quiet year for the girls media wise as they were taking a break from performing and promotion for Victoria & Melanie B to have their babies. They were also concentrating on solo projects which was the focus for most of 1999. However the girls did return to perform a series of Christmas Concerts - one of which was broadcast live on Sky One. The girls did attend a few things together including Victoria & Melanie C attending a press day for the AIDA soundtrack, Melanie C & Melanie B attending the "Austin Powers, The Spy Who Shagged Me" premiere in LA and of course the recording of the "Children's Promise" single "It's Only Rock & Roll" Click the picture on the left to check out the Spice Girls 1999 TV Appearances section.

A look at the Spice Girls 2000 TV Appearances.

In 2000, the girls released their first album in 2 years and promoted it's single - the double A-Side "Holler/Let Love Lead The Way" with performances on The National Lottery, CD:UK, Top Of The Pops, SMTV and the girls last performance together for nearly seven years - the MTV Europe Music Awards 2000. The girls also did interviews with Live & Kicking as well as a promotional interview at the "Forever" launch party. Click the picture on the left to check out the Spice Girls 2000 TV Appearances section.

2001 - 2006 - SPICE GIRLS
A look at the Spice Girls 2001 - 2006 TV Appearances.

By 2001 with the girls concentrating on solo careers there were VERY few tv appearances of the girls. In 2001, ITV aired "Raw Spice" - a look at the girls as they rehearsed and prepared to launch their career & E! aired it's "Spice Girls - True Hollywood Story". Emma & Melanie B also appeared together on Emma's "Star Lives" In 2003, the girls reunited for a dinner at Victoria's home and their were many news reports on that. Also in 2003 Emma & Melanie C appeared together on a segment for Top Of The Pops & VH1 aired it's "Behind The Music" special. Click the picture on the left to check out the Spice Girls 2001 - 2006 TV Appearances section.

2007 - 2011 - SPICE GIRLS
A look at the Spice Girls 2007 - 2011 TV Appearances.

In 2007, after attending Geri's daughter Bluebells' christening, the girls decided the time was right to reunite for a Greatest Hits & Tour. After holding a press conference in June of 2007 - which was covered by many news programs - the girls started off their reunion by performing on The Victoria's Secrets Fashion Show in the US and on Children In Need in the UK. The girls also performed on Strictly Come Dancing. In 2008 the girls continued doing press, attending Milan fashion week and also doing an interview on Good Morning America before announcing the end of their tour. Throughout 2008 the girls regularly made appearances in different combinations (Emma & Melanie C at the Capital FM Awards, Geri, Emma & Melanie B @ The Glamour Awards and Geri & Emma at "The Pride Of Britain Awards". In 2009 rumours began about a Spice Girls musical and continued until confirmation in 2010. Also in 2010, Melanie B interview Victoria for GMTV at the Academy Awards. In 2011 Melanie B reunited with Melanie C who she chose as her guest mentor on "The X-Factor Australia" Click the picture on the left to check out the Spice Girls 2007 - 2011 TV Appearances section.

2012 - 2016 - SPICE GIRLS
A look at the Spice Girls 2012 - 2015 TV Appearances.

In 2012, after a 4 year hiatus as an active group - and with no public reunion of all .5 since 2008 - the girls were back to promote their musical "Viva Forever." The girls did the press launch in June 2012 followed by the musical launch in December. However the highlight of 2012 was the girls breathtaking performance at the London Olympics closing ceremony. Since 2012, there's been little press coverage other than a 2013 press launch of the "Viva Forever" cocktails. 2014 saw Emma & Melanie B reunite when Melanie B chose Emma as her guest mentor on "The X-Factor UK". Click the picture on the left to check out the Spice Girls 2012 - 2015 TV Appearances section.


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