In an effort to continue sharing videos with Spice Girls fans, and to weed out the people who just want to take videos without credit, I have introduced this new service.

It works like this:

1. Check out our Spice Girls On Film section to see what videos we have available (and for video downloads as well)
Email me your intentions to get videos, the list of videos you wish to recieve & and any important details.
3. If you have videos to trade, let me know what you have in your first email. We will then work out any details.
4. Get yourself a USB flash drive (not an external HDD) and load it with any videos we have agreed on (if we are trading)
5. Send the USB flashdrive to me with a return envelope (including your return postage).
6. I will then load the USB with your chosen files and send it back to you.

I thought this was a good idea and a really cheap, easy and safe way to share Spice Girls footage with my visitors. No money is changing hands, all customers pay is the postage cost and the cost of the USB.

With this service however, there is one rule.

NO uploading to YouTube or any other file sharing sites. If you wish to share a video online that you recieve and that belongs to me, please email me and ask or at the very least give the site credit as I really can't stand it when my videos show up on YouTube, DenDen etc with absolutely no mention of SpiceGirls4Eva. To record, convert, edit etc the videos I have has taken 100's of hours of my time. I do it so I can share the joy of new / unseen Spice Girls footage and if I see my videos continually ending up on YouTube etc, then this service will discontinue like the download sites I have had in the past.

Want to get Spice Girls footage? Email melissa@vivaspice.net and tell us your name, country and what footage you are wanting. (The lists are on the previous menu page). If you have video files you'd like to trade, then please let me know and include a list in your email.