If you like "Viva Spice!" and would like to help us with the site, then below are some ways in which you can help with the site.

Send In Pictures Or Information:

If you have items that are not listed on the site or you think are very rare, send pictures + info into us. If you can provide pictures or information we are missing, PLEASE send them into us.


We love to hear from you so if you like something, dislike something, can help with a question posted either on our main page or social media pages then please do interact with us. Even if it's just "liking" a post or "retweeting" a tweet. It helps us feel like all our work is not for nothing as people are visiting and enjoying the site.

Join The Team:

If you are interested in being a contributer to "Viva Spice" then we would welcome that! We are looking for people to add items to the pages, update the site, contribute videos for our "On Film" section, high quality scans etc etc. If you think you'd like to do this, then please contact us.

Spread The Word:

If you like "Viva Spice!" then please spread the word! Use social media like Facebook and Twitter to let fellow Spice Girls fans know that we are here - or just tell other fans one on one if you aren't using social media. Every little bit helps and the more people that visit "Viva Spice!" the more motivated I stay to keep it updated and online.


This site costs money to have online and as I am on a limited income any help would be grately appreciated. If you can spare a doller or two, then please head to our paypal and donate to melissa@vivaspice.net whatever you can. All donations will go towards hosting and domain fees as well as purchasing VHS for our "On Film" section.

Don't Upload Our Videos Without Credit:

Our new section "Spice Girls On Film" will be a big part of the new "Viva Spice!". Many, many videos will be uploaded for that section and it is our request that you don't upload or share those videos without a credit. That means if you think a video is rare and should be shared then credit "Viva Spice" and even the address - www.vivaspice.net. The video section is VERY time consuming to work on and I ask that you respect that and honour our wishes. I also ask that you not upload our videos to YouTube at all - I believe that it is my repsonsibility to upload Viva Spice's videos to YouTube and if they aren't there, it's for a reason.