My name is Melissa and I have been a Spice Girls fan since 1997. It wasn't love at first sight though as I remember watching a show here called "Hey Hey It's Saturday" [Which the girls later appeared on both as a group and solo] and they showed the video of "Wannabe". It was the first time I heard the song or seen anything about the girls and I thought "OMG! Who are these tarts?" :$ but I grew to love Wannabe and by 2 Become 1 I was absolutely a fan. By November 1997 I was a collector and have been ever since. Non-Spice stuff about me - first and foremost - I Love My Dog! lol. Her name is Bonnie Rose and she's a Minature Foxie x Maltese, she's 8 and adorable :). My favourite TV Shows are Home & Away, Friends, Buffy, Glee, Grey's Anatomy & American Horror Story. I really love to record things. It's like my other hobby lol. I collect DVDs. [Horror movies are my favourite] and I also love to read [Danielle Steel is my fav]. For more about me, continue reading below and if you'd like to tell me a little bit about you then follow the instructions at the bottom of the page. x

Name: Melissa Flood
Posistion: Creator, Webmater, Admin
Responsible For: Running the site, videos, merchandise, basic admin tasks.
Email: melspice77@gmail.com
Country: Australia
Fav. Spice Girl: Geri
Fav. Spice Song: Lady Is A Vamp
Fav. Solo Song: This Groove / Maybe
Fav. Spice Video: Who Do You Think You Are
Collects: Everything, but my focus is video footage and magazines, articles & clippings.
About Me: I've liked Spice Girls since Wannabe was released, I liked them more after 2 Become 1 (I remember screaming at my TV when a music video show "Video Hits" played teasers of the Mama & Who Do You Think You Are videos. I was like "just play them already! I want to see them!) but I would say I really became a fan & collector after seeing the girls concert in Istanbul on TV. That concert was amazing, they were just amazing, and from that point on I've been collecting anything & everything I can.
Crazy Spice Moment: When the Chupa Chups Push Pops were released in Australia in Late 1997 / early 1998, I remember going to Target (where the Official SG merchandise was sold) and seeing them there. I took a bunch of boxes, sat on the floor right there in the store and went through them all making sure I had every single one of the 24 before I went to the register to pay. LOL. What can I say, I love me some Spice Girls!
My Best Spice Moment: On May 11, 2012, I went to the Gold Coast X-Factor auditions, and I was there, in the same room as a SPICE GIRL! Melanie B looked stunning in a light blue sequinned mini dress, and was witty, friendly, and just amazing. A runner-up would have to be when I emailed EMI Australia for info on upcoming releases. I also asked them if they could send me anything rare for my collection. They sent me load of stuff including Tell Me & Hot promos, Forever, Tell Me Why & If You Wanna Have Some Fun promos, Melanie B's Promo Interview Disc & VHS and loads more. It was amazing.
Best Spice Moment Overall: It's really a toss up between Who Do You Think You Are at the Brit Awards, the 2007 Press Conference, and the Performance at the 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony.
Worst Spice Moment: Like everyone else, I guess it was Geri leaving the band on May 31, 1998. Also I guess when they ended the ROTSG before coming to China, Argentina & especially Australia.
Why I Like The Spice Girls: I really can't say one thing is the reason why I love them so much. I guess at the start, it was their music that drew me in, but as I learned more about them, got to see them in more interviews, performing and everything, I really enjoyed their sense of fun, their personalities and the way they could make grown men turn to mush lol. They'd say something or do something and the guy interviewing them wouldn't know what to do! It made them so much fun. I also liked the fact they were so into making young girls feel like they could do anything and to not let anyone stop them. Their whole "Girl Power!" message I guess.
What I Collect: I collect anything Spice related really, but I love video footage the most, followed by articles and clippings. I have 78 VHS videos (both recorded myself & traded) as well as around 20 DVDs of my own recordings since 2008 (that's when I got a DVD recorder), I also have around 800GB of video files (about 5,000 files!) (about 70% are mine converted, the rest are downloads). I also collect magazines, articles and clippings. I have an arch lever binder for each year (some years are split into two binders as I have soooo much!) From 1998 - 2001, they are so full, I can't put much more in them, but I do love to collect them. I'm also really OCD about putting everything in order, so I have the magazine and date displayed on a sticker on the outside slip. I also have the dates for about 90% of my video footage. Google is my friend lol.
Why I Started This Site: I've been running Spice Girls related sites since 1999. Spice Girls merchandise was always a part of my sites Spice Girls Australia, Spice Girls Centre, Spice Girls Archive & my last site The Spice Files. However, it was just pictures - no info etc. While I was working on something for my music DVDs I came across some sites on artists like Madonna, Kylie Minogue and more that had collector sites. Not just a discography, but merchandise, magazines and more. I thought that the Spice Girls, despite of the amount of merchandise they released, didn't really have anything like that that contained lots of details about the items (not just the names). I also thought that collectors could use a reference to help them decide what to collect, and see what's available as well. I decided to step it up a notch and create a site that would have all the info, pics & more.

If you'd like to join the Viva Spice! staff then email us with a little bit about yourself and what role you'd like to take on and we'll discuss signing you up. If you are a fan and would like to share with us your information like I did above, then feel free to copy and paste the above and fill it in for youself then email it to us. We will share any submissions in a special section of this site for fans.

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